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Here is Johnny Simon with a colorful bouquet of soulful, beautifully melancholic and haunting songs with depth. Johnny Simon is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Simon Winiger. Having toured half the world as a sideman, Winiger's desire for something of his own has grown steadily. The result is available now and Johnny Simon speaks his very own musical language. All of the brand new songs in the singer-songwriter tradition were written during a 4-month stay in Rome in a small apartment in the artists' quarter San Lorenzo. Winiger not only composed and produced everything himself, but also played all the instruments – from electric bass and guitar to piano, blues harp and trumpet. Johnny Simon presents profound, soaring songs about the Eternal City, about loneliness and being lost, and of course about love. A special element are intricate and complex beats which were created from sounds from the streets of Rome and cleverly woven into the songs.


The debut album of Johnny Simon will be released in 2022 and concerts are planned with the trio Chrigel Bosshard (dr, b, backingvoc) and Martin Deplazes (guit, keys, backingvoc).

morning light live session

morning light live session



johnny simon
gebhartstrasse 1
ch-8404 winterthur


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